Guided Lead Qualification tool for Salesforce boosts sales win rate by 26%


This guided lead and opportunity qualification tool is custom-built for Salesforce and enables sales agents to follow a predetermined script optimized for the business group. It provides a simple capability designed for guided lead and opportunity qualification.

The client has a strategic objective of transforming customer-centric sales and service excellence as an enabler for business growth. As part of a business review process, they identified various challenges underpinning the sales life cycle within the business group.


  • Generating leads and converting them to opportunity, but not enough could translate to customers and losing time on prospects that are unwinnable.
  • Treating all leads as equal and handing every lead individually over to the sales department. A sales process which was not measurable and not scalable.
  • A complex contact to opportunity management process with multilevel approval and verifications for sales closures.
  • Managing and enriching the repository of prospects and customers and periodic cleaning of junk contacts.


Designing a “Guided lead and opportunity qualification processes” and developing a custom tool (100% native to Salesforce) that prompts users to ask questions, collect data and qualify prospects in line with agreed rules and best practice. By understanding what has happened and what needs to be done next on each task, the tool guides users towards positive outcomes.

The tool leverages the power of Salesforce platform that provides the foundation for a productive and agile solution. And the power of Lightning Experience helps create a user experience that improves workflow and productivity, makes opportunity qualification easier and more intuitive.


  • The guided process provides you with a sales funnel and sales steps that you can define based on your specific product, service or way of selling.
  • With guided processes, sales agents are prompted to ask to right questions and gather information to identify and qualify sales opportunities. So, no missing critical data points.
  • Remove data and sales process inconsistencies and help to keep everyone on the same page when it comes to defining a good opportunity.
  • Predictability in the quality of opportunities passed across to sales teams to sustain desired conversion rates.
  • A modern and improved UI to increase user adoption with consistent experience across every device – desktop, tablet and mobile.
  • Lightning Experience that can embed newer and more varied types of visualization.
  • Prioritizing Quality Leads and Opportunities for 26% better win rates.





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