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A community-focused financial cooperative, this institution offers an extensive array of banking solutions tailored to the needs of its members. The cooperative is committed to providing personalized financial services, including savings and checking accounts, loans, credit cards, and insurance products, all designed to offer significant benefits to its members.

Business Challenges

  • The organization heavily customized their existing CRM system, Onyx CRM, to manage relationships, leading to increased complexity.
  • The system was significantly costly and difficult to maintain.
  • The member identification process was intricate and cumbersome, complicating user interactions.
  • The CRM system required numerous interactions with other systems, resulting in inefficiencies and added complexities.

Solution Details

  • Enhanced the member on-boarding process by efficiently capturing personal, tax, identification and other relevant financial details.
  • Facilitated smooth communication with the core banking system for handling requests and responses during the initiation of on-boarding.
  • Employed Sensis to ensure accurate validation of member addresses.
  • Provided instant access to member financial account details (savings, current, term deposits, cards) directly from the core banking system.
  • Improved member verification through SMS, member access passwords and a comprehensive 7-point identification process.
  • Facilitated the capture of ID documents throughout the on-boarding process.
  • Utilized the salesforce platform to unify all member-related data, including opportunities, cases, goals, identification documents, financial accounts and cards.
  • Introduced a component that smartly matched sales and service interactions, documenting them as cases or opportunities.
  • Streamlined the creation of deposit accounts, term investments, personal loans and home loans.

"Together we have delivered so many changes and dealt with so many challenges. We love working with the CRMIT team because of how passionate, dedicated and committed you all are to getting the very best outcomes for us. More than that we look forward to working together for many more years to come"

Integrations leader
Financial services Company

Value Delivered

  • Improved member satisfaction through faster onboarding, accurate address validation and real-time financial information.
  • Efficient sales processes and better member management were facilitated by the unified platform.
  • Streamlined processes, minimized system interactions and reduced manual steps.
  • Decreased functional and financial burdens by eliminating redundant efforts.

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