CRMIT Solutions Announces Platinum Sponsorship for Salesforce World Tour Essentials Melbourne 2024

Melbourne, Australia – May 30, 2024 – CRMIT Solutions, announces its participation as a Platinum Sponsor for the Salesforce World Tour Essentials Melbourne 2024, scheduled on Thursday, 13th June 2024, at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre. This premier event will bring together industry leaders, innovators, and trailblazers to explore the future of customer relationship management and digital transformation.


In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, CRMIT Solutions stands at the forefront of digital transformation, specializing in decision intelligence solutions that cater to a broad spectrum of industry verticals. With a solid reputation built on customer satisfaction, continuous innovation, and a commitment to delivering tailored solutions, CRMIT Solutions is recognized among the top 10 Salesforce partners for customer ratings, boasting over 100+ referenceable customers on AppExchange.

“With two decades of customer success behind us, CRMIT Solutions continues to deliver innovative solutions that rise above the evolving challenges of the business world,” said Damien Scales from CRMIT Solutions.

The World Tour Essentials Melbourne 2024 serves as an ideal platform for CRMIT Solutions to demonstrate the capabilities of Customer360++, a framework that not only enhances Salesforce CRM but also ensures seamless integration with existing systems, maintaining data consistency and providing a unified customer experience across all touchpoints. The uniqueness of Customer360++ lies in its ability to harness the power of AI and decision science, offering businesses actionable insights for informed decision-making.

Innovation is the driving force behind CRMIT Solutions, with its dedicated Innovation Lab constantly exploring the latest advancements in AI and automation to develop intelligent, efficient solutions. Unlike one-size-fits-all approaches, CRMIT’s industry-specific solutions are meticulously crafted to align with the unique business goals of each client, emphasizing the importance of decision science in today’s data-driven world.

Furthermore, CRMIT’s Application Support & Value Plan (ASVP) epitomizes the company’s commitment to customer success, employing decision science techniques to streamline processes, eliminate decision-making bottlenecks, and adapt swiftly to market changes or new information.

As CRMIT Solutions prepares to take the stage at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, attendees can anticipate a compelling showcase of how Customer360++ can elevate their Salesforce CRM experience, ensuring not just a Minimum Viable Product but a platform of Maximum Value.

Join us at the World Tour Essentials Melbourne 2024 to witness how CRMIT Solutions is redefining the future of CRM with Customer360++, empowering businesses to navigate the complexities of digital transformation with ease and efficiency.

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CRMIT Solutions is a pioneer Salesforce Solutions Provider focusing on digital transformation solutions to deliver Customer360++ (a proprietary Customer360 framework).  Customer360++ is a cutting-edge digital transformation framework designed to elevate your CRM from a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to a Maximum Value Platform (MVP). Our vision is rooted in leveraging data, AI, and automation to create personalized digital experiences and drive proactive customer engagement.

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