Return to work solution for Salesforce proliferates hope amid COVID-19 pandemic




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COVID-19 epidemic forced most of the sectors to work remotely and I was in need of a tool to monitor my team well-being. CRMIT offshore team was quick to support us with COVID-19 Symptom Checker. In a matter of hours, they completed all tasks including user training and deployment.

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The client is a leading HVAC company that offers a variety of air conditioning units, globally, for residential and commercial applications. They have been in the business for over 50+ years and also work to realize a better environment and quality of life by providing innovative heating and cooling solutions.


  • With everyone operating virtually from home, there was an increasing need for the HR department and Managers across lines of business to stay informed about the health of their employees, especially if any of them are were showing COVID-19 symptoms and if they required any support
  • As weeks passed and the lockdown was gradually lifted, there was a pressing need to ensure that any employees turning up at work were not showing any symptoms, so that the workplace can be kept safe


CRMIT’s no-cost ActNow COVID-19 symptom checker, built on the Salesforce platform was quickly configured and deployed. The symptom checker housed a few quick questions that monitored for COVID-19 symptoms, aligning with guidelines from local health authorities.

  • Every configured employee was scheduled to receive an email reminder (at the start of every day) to submit a self-assessment. Employees had the option to opt-out if they wished to. However, the assessment was mandatory if they planned to report to the work office or customer sites
  • The self-assessment symptom checker was accessible from any device and limited to a 60-second activity.  On submission, employees would either receive a green good-to-go checkmark or be directed to seek further medical advice should their results require it. The HR and the reporting managers were entitled to receive notifications accordingly
  • Assessment data was safe with only designated members of the HR department having access. Salesforce itself is a HIPAA compliant platform
  • The symptom checker also had an option for the employee to mark oneself as COVID-19 positive, voluntarily
  • The license footprint of the solution was low with only HR department users needing Salesforce licenses. Employees did not need a user license
  • Checker was easily configurable and the HR users were trained to maintain and localize it if needed through the admin interface available to them
  • Pre-built dashboard in Salesforce provided access to a summary view of the health of the employee population
  • CRMIT also supported the HR team to also design and roll-out a communication strategy before the symptom checker was made operational, for employees to recognize and appreciate the need to opt-in for this assessment, for their and the health of their colleagues
  • The ActNow plug-in is a return to work solution built on the Salesforce platform to mitigate COVID-19 risks and is designed to help the companies to self-assess the workforce, help them to back to work safely. The ActNow plug-in is 100% native to Salesforce


  • ActNow allowed them to quickly roll-out a highly localized solution within days which enabled them to stay informed of their Employee Health and support them if needed
  • Kept the workplace safer complementing other measures being taken, as the lockdown was lifted and employees across critical lines of business started coming back to work
  • Accessibility, the ease with which employees could go through the daily assessment meant that the adoption was almost immediate
  • Employee data privacy considerations were kept paramount at all times, starting from checker design and then during configuration and deployment of the symptom checker
  • The symptom checker has now been running successfully for the last 10 weeks and periodic surveys run with employees, on the need and efficacy of the checker, have shown employee acceptance and appreciation of the initiative. Some suggestions have also been rapidly built, tested, and applied

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